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Have you ever seen the wonder? I do, in precise, from the beginning of this world till now. Everything happens around is a wonder for me. We the Christians believe that God can do miracles. And what we do is that we pray for a betterment like our neighbor does, a secure future like our peer does. On the contrary we like to see things differently and we long for something enticing, something unique. Annoying isn’t it? We do possess different contradicting characters in our spiritual and worldly life. We like to explore more in this world but we tend to lead a normal, kind of traditional in case of spiritual life. We like to get confined in our limitations. Have you ever spent time, listening to God’s instruction on how he tries to mold you? In order to shed some light on my point, let us inspect the Bible and see what it tells.

Few days ago, I was listening to several sermons by famous preachers. One among them told that God will do extraordinary things in your life. It gave me a staggering effect. And that word entangled me. Suddenly God took led me to different characters in the Bible. It begun with Moses, followed by David, Daniel and ended up with Jesus.

In case of Moses, first God directed him to hit the rock, but when it comes for the second time God ordered him to command to the rock. But Moses expected that God will provide water in the same way. What happens to us most of the time is that, we are like Moses. We need to put an end to our wrong expectations. So that we can avoid disobedience and the disappointments in the future.

Now let us ponder the lives of David and Daniel. Both are amazing people of God! One was a king while the other was one among the three administrators in Babylon where they enslaved. Both of them faced trials, in which they encounter lion in common. One thing I find enthralling is that the way God has retrieved them. David killed the lion with his bare hands while God shut the mouth of the lions that came against Daniel. But God could have done in the same way twice. He could have given strength to Daniel to kill the lions. But he doesn’t like to recur things. Since he is a God of uniqueness. Sometimes God will fight for you. Sometimes he will make you strong enough to fight.

Let’s scrutinize New Testament now. Here you don’t have to look at any other personality than Jesus. From the birth of Jesus, every single event happened in his life or through him was unique. He is the only one who took birth through a virgin. Every single miracle performed by him was extremely unique. Let’s examine two of his miracles where he opened the eyes of the blind. In one case, he commanded and it happened. But in the other case, Jesus asked him to apply mud on his eyes and go and wash in the pool of Siloam. Same thing is applicable in our life too. Sometimes God just command to our problems while sometimes he commands to us.

Most of the times we expect God to perform the same thing again while he wants to do something special, something enticing in our lives. We’d like to see things happen in our own terms. What we do is that we didn’t let him write the story. Moreover, we ourselves wish to bring some makeover to our story, the one that God has already designed. Like Moses, David, Daniel or the blind men, we need same answer from the Lord; it can be a victory over something, a healing or a particular blessing. But don’t expect God to do it the same way he did it for your fellow mate. When you are expecting something from God, remember Our God Is a God of UNIQUENESS. And be ready to OBEY what he COMMANDS to YOU.

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