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What do we do when we feel useless, when we feel unimportant or insignificant? Can we just ignore that feeling and walk away? Or do we try constantly to prove ourselves that we have a purpose? Let me stop you there and tell you, I understand your situation. But ain't there a solution? Ain't there something we can do to change that thought? We as humans seek for acceptance and appreciation but what happens when we don't get both of these from the people we were supposed to? Do we just live in that pain or are we going to continue searching?

I was listening to a sermon today, and in that the preacher was saying how certain situations might not make sense at the moment, but it's in those situations we are going to live in the knowledge of who He is. To blindly trust God's plans over ours. God has placed certain people who are seemingly good people and have been the ones to hurt us because He planned that particular role for those people in our lives, probably to teach us something valuable. I can't promise you that one day, things are going to change in the way you have hoped for. But I can assure you, that the God who promised you that He will never leave you, is proud of you because you have survived today. He will give you that support to lean on ,when we feel life is falling apart. He knows our heartbeat. He knows our sigh, he knows our murmurs.

In Romans, God tells us that sometimes when we don't know what to pray, but at that time the Spirit groans for us. When are the situations we don't know what to pray? That's probably when we are at the rock bottom, when we have tried praying for far too long that now we don't know where we went wrong. That's the time even our silence is a prayer before God. So hold up. We have a lot more to do.

Everyone in this world are lonely in one way or other. I was pondering over it and asking God the reason behind it and that's when He was telling me how Jesus, the Son of God, when in this world helped everyone He came across, did no evil to any, gave His disciples all the knowledge, guidance and counsel they needed, healed people who sought out to Him for their needs but didn't want Jesus, or to be with Him or to carry His cross. He was alone when He was arrested and crucified. Only a person who has walked alone will understand that pain of loneliness.

So the best place to seek for comfort and the one who can make us feel needed, is His presence, because He knows you are valuable He bought you with His own blood. So, no plan kept for you will fail because people don't accept you for the person you are .

Isaiah 43 says,

I work and who can turn it back?

If God has began His work in us, He will bring to its fulfilment. Situations might not look favorable but you will get through. Let this be our prayer,

" God, though I am in pain, and sometimes I don't feel like moving forward, I feel worthless, but I am trusting in You, help me to see life through your eyes and help me to understand that being in the center of your Perfect will is the best place to be."


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