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It’s more like resting for me! Rejuvenating myself in the presence of GOD, hearing His voice, content, confident, grateful and blessed. For most of the people waiting period is more of the time dealing with stress, impatience, anxiety, feeling less secure, no future, abandon and alone. But God was so gracious He brought me through all these levels of the process, trained me, armed me, cleared the ground beneath me, made my footing firm and aimed me in the right direction. So, I don’t feel all what a person feels when he or she goes through the pressure of waiting. I kept my track with Jesus Christ and the next thing I saw is everything else falling in track for me. I was just only concerned to be with GOD. To be precise, I finished daily everything that I had to do which was put in my heart by God to do. It didn’t come easy! He had to make me capable for that first. It began by Him making me stay still and wait for His presence to take control and bring an assurance followed by hearing His voice to receive what I needed to receive for the time. Slowly you become capable to complete what is great as a mountain with fewer efforts. Psalm 27:14 MSG; “Stay with GOD! Take heart. Don’t quit. I’ll say it again: Stay with GOD.” - King David He emphasizes to ‘Stay with GOD’ twice and stresses the point not to ‘quit’. David must’ve experienced the goodness of GOD after he had stayed up with GOD and not giving up, which made him record this. So, there is always something great waiting on the other side. Take the life of Abraham, Joseph, Hannah all had to wait first to see the goodness of GOD then. Staying up with GOD prepares for what is in front of you. You receive the Word from Bible with the assurance, hope, strength, confidence you need and that’s the manna you need always to keep on moving.

The Word you receive from Bible will equip yourselves accordingly to what it says. For example: In Isaiah 30:21 GNB; “If you wander off the road to the right or the left, you will hear His voice behind you saying, “ Here is the road. Follow it.” In this world of many voices, it’s a grace we receive to distinguish and realize the voice of GOD. On the process of waiting, when GOD says His voice will direct you, first He’ll make you familiar with His voice so that under His guidance you get to choose the right turns for your right breakthroughs. The process may seem to be long were you’ll have to remain patient and silent but remember always that GOD is also patient in equipping you. Where to start? Start by surrendering yourselves to Jesus Christ, taking heart to do His will and to follow His voice under any cost. More time and space for Christ in the secret room is always needed to receive more from Him. GOD has never and never will disappoint any of those who wait for Him. Waiting may not get over in one or two days but how much time it may take, you’ll always have more than enough everyday to get through and grow through the process with Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! So, why wait? Go rest in the green pastures that He had laid out for you.

- By a Child of God who is in waiting!

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