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Many at times we are like water. What does water do? At 0 degree it's ice. It has a shape. But as temperature rises they become liquid taking the shape of the container they are poured in. Let's try to visualize us as the ice, having our confidence in God when everything is fine and as long as we are in our comfort zones. We try to maintain it even when circumstances change and we feel pushed from all sides that we constantly ask God to put us back to our 'happy place'. How fascinating is that, if the happy place we thought we were in,was an illusion and that 'now' God is teaching us to find our joy in Him and not the materialistic things we thought was the only reason for our happiness? Maybe we need a magnifier to take a closer look and analyse if happiness lies on the source of it,and if we consider that source as our treasure,what do we consider as our treasure? The Bible says in Matthew 6:21,"where your treasure is there will your heart be also. " So if we have thought, relationships,a few people,a long term goal or an achievement as our treasure, the moment we lose it, our heart falls into brokenness.So make sure we set our hearts on the right places. Haven't we heard a couple of times that the only constant in life is change? What if it's God's way of telling us, that He alone is the UNCHANGING ONE and if your searching for a constant to set your heart upon,He is waiting with two arms wide open. But haven't there been times when we all have thought, "God are you even there"? We superintend to trust what we see at a glance and lose hope so easily trusting the situations.

“Well, the journey we are in right now, is a FAITH WALK and it could feel like the most hardest thing to do sometimes and in those situations if we could hold on to God like a koala bear hanging on to the eucalyptus tree, and wait for Him to reveal to us for letting us through this process,that’s all what is necessary.” — Janeeta Elsa Biju

That's what God is expecting from us after He has trained us to walk with Him. In a world where transitions happen each minute, can we wait a little longer to see where He is taking us to? Let's try.

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