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Reassurance To Redirection

When was the last time we decided to rely one hundred percent on someone?

How long has it been since we have felt the hand of God's comfort ?

Aren't we wearied and tired of all that is happening around us, that makes us feel without hope?

Every feeling of worry is a gentle reminder from God, that somewhere we have displaced God's space. It's just His way of telling, "that's enough of walking away, YOU NEED MY PRESENCE". Decide to respond to that calling.

Remember, Elijah was so scared for his life when Jezebel had threatened him? Listening to this, He was in so much fear and gave his mind the priority.Here we see that, God never gave him a direct answer that his life is in God's hands but made him realize the purpose God has for his life was far greater than the things that worried him. When he decided to respond and rely on God, we see that " Did Jezebel kill him?" NO.

"Did God fulfill his purpose through Elijah and take him directly to heaven?" YES.


We are all humans, and it's normal to feel all that we are feeling now, but giving to our disappointment or perturbation is not the way out. This might be the reason why many people had given up in life before time but for us, it's like the alarm clock trying to wake us up and tell us, that it’s enough.

It's like the raven who brought food, just to remind Elijah that there is a God who cares if he is fed or how he is feeling.

Yes God cares for us .Don't let anything take away the joy of Christ from us.

Let's turn to Him, today.

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