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Ain't there a point when we feel like we are over the sorrow, the anxiety and the insecurity but when someone reminds us of it, it takes us back to that moment where we were broken once? I believe that at the end of crying our heart out and venting, there is immense strength that God gives us.

Sometimes we find ourselves at the peak and sometimes it's the deepest valley but He is not a God, who appears at the former and leaves you to face it alone at the latter, but stays with you and might not even utter anything so you get to experience all that emotions you have and just walks with you, holding your hands, constantly giving you that assurance and you could hear Him saying 'I AM STILL HERE ' .

The thing I learnt about it is that, we don't have to do the journey alone and God gives us time to recover. He will never push us or try to hurry up the healing process, because it will help us to understand the value of that process.

God acknowledges it.

YOUR PAIN IS VALUABLE. Nobody in this world might be able to fully relate or comprehend it, but our story will definitely encourage people to face their battles and makes them realize that God gives His immense strength for it.

The hardest thing to be, while in pain, is to be happy and at peace but when it's given, you start to accept things as it is and still be joyful even when the circumstances does not support your reaction to it. Trusting the process, is the key.

Once you get hold of it, life doesn't get easier but deep inside the the knowledge of who is in control makes life hopeful.

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