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Channeling His Presence

Drowning in our pit of sadness, one thing we often forget is that we are called to be substitutes or channels for God to transmit His glory and presence to the people around us.

It has always fascinated me, as to how Jesus Christ appeared to two people speaking about Christ and Christ talks to them about many things and leaves. The moment He left, both of them felt the same feeling, they felt their hearts were burning when Jesus spoke to them, and that's the similar kind of experience any person who meets us in this lifetime should have. But, in order to be a channel, you should be ready to accept and give. Haven't we all seen pipes before? It transports the full amount of water it gets. Think of the situation, when we have pinched a part of the hose, does it stop the flow of water? No, rather it then comes out with great pressure. Be the pipe, which does not get tired while put in pressure rather it overcomes it, by doing what it's supposed to do, water coming out of it with an increased pressure than the former. Similarly, our downtime is not meant for us to dwell in pain. We can and should feel pain as humans, but dwelling in it or walking out of it, is a choice.  Once we fix our eyes on Christ, though in pain, the vision about a greater glory that will be revealed in us, would push us to overcome all the situations and pace towards the goal kept before us. The moment we do that, pain will lose its power on us. But the thing is, it needs continuous grace and conscious effort from us, because we see that, the moment Peter decides to shift his eyes from Jesus, He started drowning.

So let's take that to our hearts today and "prayer", God I am weak and while in pain, I am unable to see your plans in it Father, but today, I am asking you for your ever abounding grace to help me to fix my eyes on you. Amen.

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