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Brokenness to Beauty

I have heard a lot of people raise the question, "If God is for real, why is there so much brokenness in the world"? Yes, that's a genuine question, the answer to which, points itself, to the existence of God.

Think about it. If we were people with no diseases, totally healthy, will we ever consult the best doctor we know? If our car is in a perfect condition, will we ever seek for the best mechanic in town? The answer is NO. That means, our need pushes us to seek the solution to it. No one has proved to heal a broken heart, but guess what? That's what God has specialized in. Missing pieces and painful situations gives us hints about HIM.

That brings us to the next question, why God deliberately puts us in pain and not in joyful situations to see Him? The answer I have learnt is joy goes deep, but pain goes deeper. No matter how many things are okay in our lives, we often find one thing that hurts us, and worry on it. Small pains catches our attention than the biggest joys of life. So, pain let us seek the solution, that's God, and He instills His joy and peace in us. Remember the Samaritan woman, who goes to fetch water and meets Jesus? He tells her that the water from the well will make her thirsty again, but the water He gives will quench her thirst forever. It means that if we carry the volatile joy of the world, after a day or two it puts us again in a pit of sadness and bitterness, but if God is the one who gives us joy, we start focussing on the everlasting joy instead of the small pains around us, because unlike the former, the latter is like the oil in the widow's jar, it keeps overflowing. Yes, many of us might be too invested in sadness that we might not be ready to open our doors to joy, but remember Jesus will continue knocking our doors of heart and the moment we decide to stand and open it to Him, is when he decides to dine with us.

Today, let's get up from our situations, dust our pants and ask God to take control of our lives. Only Him, the one who formed us has the ability to reform any brokenness we have. May God enable us to experience His healing and the beauty of the joy He gives in our lives.

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