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I think the title will take us to Sarah, the free woman and Hagar the Bond woman! The two woman who represents the old and new covenant. Hagar was a mistake and Ishmael was the outcome. Similarly, Sarah received the promise and Isaac was the fulfillment. While I was pondering upon the book of Genesis, something else drew my attention more than all these primary factors. Let’s try to study these two women. Sarah was the one who introduced Hagar to Abraham, at that time, Sarah didn’t have a son. So, she will be aware of the fact that if a son comes out of Hagar, he will be the soul inheritor of everything Abraham has. I believe Sarah wouldn’t have done something like that without giving it a thought. There is a possibility that Sarah might have been close to Hagar. Now coming to Hagar, she might have been an obedient servant who found favor in the eyes of her mistress. But once she got conceived, we can see a change in her attitude. She realized that things are going to change from now on. Her son is going to inherit it all. And Sarah seemed to be contempt to her. When Sarah figured out the change in Hagar’s attitude, she was deeply hurt and began to act rude towards her with Abraham’s permission. Though Hagar made a mistake, she is weak in her body and she had to flee from the house. So, if we think about all these, God don’t have to take care of Hagar. Because, Hagar was a mistake. But then God never left Hagar. He found her while she was fleeing away from Sarah and asked her to return and submit to her. God even blessed her and promised her that Ishmael will become a great Nation. It doesn’t matter whether you are a promise or just a mistake. Once you happen, no no actually even before you have formed in your mother’s womb he started thinking about you. So, no matter how many times you mess up, remember He is a God who never leaves you nor forsake you. Even if you are a mistake, He can turn you as a promise.

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