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We all have certain expectations about our life partner. It varies from person to person. Someone might prioritise physical appearance while someone else values personality or the voice or the emotional connection or maybe spiritual connection sometimes just the vibe. There is this person in the Bible who caught my eyes when I started reading about him. You guys might have heard about him and his name is Caleb.

I first met him in Numbers Chapter 13, where God chose him through Moses to spy the land of Canaan along with other 11 people from the 12 tribes. All these 12 went together to spy the land and 10 out of 12 presented a negative report to the Israelites. But to my surprise Caleb quieted the people and encouraged them and turned out to be a great support to Moses. Wow!! Raising voice at the right time. A rare visual and I loved it.

After this I was keen to know more about him. When I reached verse 20 of Numbers chapter 14, I heard Lord Almighty whispering Caleb's name to one of his favorite person who is none other than Moses. God was telling Moses that Caleb is a man with a different spirit and he obeyed me fully. Wait!!! Whatttt!!! God himself testifying about Caleb. This scene gave me chills.

Can we find someone like Caleb in this generation? I really doubt that. I guess the better option is to be like Caleb.

I didn't stop reading about him! It's been 45 years since he stood up for the right thing. But even now he visited the new leader Joshua and asked for his inheritance which God has promised 45 years before. Oh my goodness! He literally waited all these years holding on to the promise without doubting the one who promised him. He even fought for it at the age of 85. What more should I say. This guy is just amazing.

Something else caught my eyes more than all these.. Even though he raised his voice when it was needed , even though God testified about him and even he held on to his promise for like 45 years, he wasn't given any position. Joshua who was the only person who supported him and did the right thing was appointed as the next leader after Moses. But then Caleb never complained about it and I guess it never bothered him. His only focus was on his personal relationship with the Lord and he was successful in leading a life that was pleasing in the eyes of the Lord and that's the only thing matters.

Can we find someone like Caleb in this generation? I really doubt that. I guess the better option is to be like Caleb.

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