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What do we lack these days? Nothing at all, right! New inventions and discoveries occurring recurrently, and on this account, we are bound by modern gadgets. Nothing is scarce at present. We can find creative and vibrant innovation persistently. And our youths are full of passion and exuberance, they are ready to roar. Despite the fact that they are encircled with all this grandeur, we find it hard to eradicate our thought of being solitary. It is due to the fact that, we are surrounded by self-obsessed people. All are engaged with their own things. Nobody care about anybody. Everyone is confined with their environment. So we find it hard to find someone who are near to us in our distress, someone who can truly understand us, someone who can lavish love upon us immensely. We all are longing for such a person. Is there anybody exist with that kind of personality? I would like to introduce someone like that to you all. The one who sent his beloved son as ransom to save humanity. For the sake of us he shattered His only begotten son at the cross. By his death he paid the price for our sin. He lay his son on the cross to save the whole world. Now let us put ourselves in that situation. Imagine you are the father. Will you do it? I don’t think anybody can do that. Don’t take it heedlessly. Put yourself in God’s position and think how hard it was for him to arrive in that conclusion. Now let us examine Jesus more closely. If you were Jesus, will you obey your Father’s decision? I am sure, I won’t. I may even find a way to run away from my home. But when God asked him, he didn’t yell or made a temper tantrum. He replied him with a smile ‘Let thy will be done’. He came to the Earth, he got nailed on the cross for You and Me. Few of us know about it well. We have heard about it a lot of times. Most of the times we get emotionally swayed for that moment. But have you ever spend more time to understand His unconditional love? He did it just for you. He thought about You and Me. In your entire life, have you met somebody like this? Let us all travel to Golgotha together. Let us examine Him closely. He is standing there despised and rejected by men. He is lying there oppressed and afflicted. We can’t even make out it’s Him. He is wrapped in blood. They are slapping him on His face and finding pleasure in it. His back is looking like a field ploughed by a plough man. Let’s get a little more closer! He is surmounted with a crown of thorns. The thorns are piercing into His head. Blood is gushing out. Still He is not even complaining. He never did something wrong. He is the only one that can claim that he is HOLY. Yet He went through all this. Do you know, when He was going through all this suffering, He was thinking about YOU. Can we even think about anything else if we were at his place? Even in the midst of the pain, He made a request to His heavenly father “Abba, forgive them; for they don’t know what they are doing.” You might be thinking IMPOSSIBLE. Is He crazy? Yeah.. He is CRAZY about you and me. He came, He lived and He died for us. This is the ‘Unconditional Love’. He didn’t do it because He has to do it; He did it just because He LOVED us! It is as simple as that. But the sacrifice He did, we can’t even measure it. We often murmurs that, ‘there is nobody to love me. I am alone..blah..blah..’ We really never put a period for our complains. Are you still thinking that you don’t have anybody to love you? He is there for You always; no matter who you are; where you are; what you are doing; how you are living ; your family background; your educational status…He doesn’t even care about all these stuffs. He loved us when we were yet sinners. He is not looking for a Mr Perfect. He is searching for the weak one! Don’t ever think that you are too far from Him or He can’t love you anymore or you don’t deserve to be loved by HIM. Don’t listen to these lies. He is waiting to hear from you. With arms open wide, He is standing in front of you. He is not asking for anything BIG. He is only looking for a heart that is ready to welcome him in. Can you give that broken pieces to His hands? If you are ready to give Him the broken pieces, He will mend it and give you back. And you can enjoy a peaceful life with the All Mighty. I guess I have shed some light on the points I was trying to tell you. Words can’t explain His LOVE for us. Are you still taking His love for granted? Are you still in some dilemma? Now let us compare our struggles and suffering to HIS. Jesus went through all those sufferings to give you freedom from all your bondages that includes everything. It includes your sickness, your pain, your agony, affliction, discomfort, despair and what not. You only have to trust Him fully. He gave His life for you and me. Wouldn’t He give you everything that you need? The only thing he is looking for is a fellowship with you and me. Can we all start building a right relationship with him? He is waiting for you. So don’t delay it. Love Him for what he has already done for you not for what he will be doing in the future. So what are you waiting for? Go and get into a covenant relationship with the only one who loves you unconditionally.

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